2017: New public spaces with fountains and green areas in Ogmios Miestas

Ogmios Miestas is an exclusive centre, a city within a city, known not only for its particularly sleek territory, but also aesthetics and creativity that manifest in extraordinary public spaces and gripping artistic installations.

The green areas in Ogmios Miestas are generally recognised spaces where Vilnius residents and guests like to meet and that are vibrant from the very early morning during the hot season. Children’s playgrounds that are abundant in this shopping and leisure centre have been adapted to various age groups and prudently installed in such spots that are clearly visible from nearby restaurants so that not only the small ones can have a good time. Families, groups of young people and individuals who look for a peaceful and cosy place in a city, where they could enjoy coffee and a good book, love to spend their time in squares and small parks under the trees.

Various artistic installations catch the eye of many visitors to Ogmios Miestas. These works created by Lithuanian artists have found their place here, at the intersection of paths of many Vilnius residents. A five showerhead fountain operating throughout the summer is among the most known installations here.