2019: Establishment of a new gourmet food zone and renovation of the Assorti shop

A gourmet zone was created in Ogmios Miestas in response to the demand for gourmet food products. Visitors are impressed by Itališko Skonio Gurmanai, Šiaurės Jūra, Masters of Cheese, Bučeris, The Farm, Veggo, Mėsos Broliai, Roots and other shops which ensure easy access to a wide range of gourmet and special grocery products in one place.

A renovated Assorti shopping centre for gourmands, customers leading a healthy lifestyle and parents with children also opened its door.

The shop has been completely transformed during several months of reconstruction: a brand new interior model has been created, new refrigerators, freezers and showcases have been acquired, certain sections have been expanded, an aquarium for oysters has been equipped and an exclusive room for exhibiting an impressive collection of cheeses has been fitted out.

The assortment has also been changed. The most popular product groups have been expanded focussing on favourite sections loved by customers, and the shelves have been stocked with many novelties reflecting modern trends.

One of the biggest news of renovated Assorti is the first cheese room in Lithuania, offering an opportunity for customers to taste and buy over 200 sorts of cheese recognised worldwide.